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  • The Final Walk-Through, What To Expect

The Final Walk-Through, What To Expect

December 28th, 2016

The Final Walk-Through, What To Expect

Now that you’ve found your new home, agreed on a purchase price and cut through the red tape, all that’s left before closing is the final walk-through.

The final walk-through is the last chance for a buyer to visually inspect the property, making sure its condition hasn’t changed and that the agreed upon repairs have been made.

Because the final walk-through is an exciting milestone, the process is often rushed. In an attempt to temper your excitement, the following tips and suggestions may be of benefit to you during the final walk-through.

1.) Bring your original inspector with you during the walk-through. It can be difficult to inspect the repairs on your own, so having your inspector there with you ensures that any required repairs are properly looked at. You may have to pay an additional fee, but any cost is well worth it considering what issues may arise.

2.) If possible, reach out to the seller. They know the home better than anyone and can answer any last minute questions about the history of the home and inform you about operating appliances, systems or technology inside the home.

3.) Check all major appliances for damages.

4.) Make sure that any and all agreed upon fixtures are still in the property.

5.) Check for leaks throughout the property. This means turning on all faucets, flushing all toilets, turning on all outside water sources, etc.

6.) Test the garage door.

7.) Turn on the air-conditioner and heater.

This may seem a bit excessive, but it’s a great way to ensure that you move into a happy, well functioning home.

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